Saturday, February 12, 2011

On a mission to inspire and empower people to Live and Finish Rich®.

What can I say CarbonCopy Pro has Done it again. I keep on stressing the point that nothing is more important than a positive millionaire mind set when you are building your life to riches.

CarbonCopy Pro a resource and tool system that helps you build and create a sustainable online business giving you the opportunity to live your desired lifestyle. As a member I have not yet been disappointing but only at awe and feeling very privileged to be surround by rich minded entrepreneurs and business man. They say you are the company you keep... and if I rub shoulders fast enough with these tycoons who knows what success can come rushing through.  

When you think of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' and 'Think Rich Grow Rich', these Great legendary books have changed the lives of hungry entrepreneurs to be successful individual. And on our doorstep is David Bach, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of the Automatic Millionaire®

What is Automatic Millionaire International?
Automatic Millionaire International (AMI for short) is a proven, aggressive, and automatic personal finance program designed to help anyone create a plan to finish rich on any income. Based on the proven principles of the #1 NYT bestselling book The Automatic Millionair,e AMI was developed by David Bach, 9-time NY Times bestselling author and Jay Kubassek, online entrepreneur and cocreator of CarbonCopyPRO and PRO U. The AMI program consists of a Foundation membership, a virtual business program (the Automatic Millionaire BlackBOX), and 4 memberships (SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, and BLACK) designed to help people choose the pace at which they want to Finish Rich.
AMI is an educational program powered by PRO U.
  • an MLM
  • an income opportunity
  • a network marketing company
  • a business opportunity
  • a home based business
It is what every hungry, motivated and visionary goal driven entrepreneurs answer to AUTOMATED SUCCESS.

I am so excited to be part of this launch and super excited that it truly lives to all that I believe to be the foundation of every successful individual.  MILLIONAIRE MINDSET

Click Below to Get a Look on how to Live Rich. Finish Rich®.

When is the launch of AMI?
AMI full product line will go on sale Feb 16th, 9pm EST (New York Time) immediate following a special 60-minute presentation by David Bach and Jay Kubassek.

BE There!!

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