Started as a pursuit of happiness and allowing myself to do all the thing I wanted to do. Then sharing, learning and celebrating the joys of life with and about other women all around the world. Inspiring others to live their life to the fullest. I call it: The journey of being the fulfill-ness of me.

Welcome Dear Reader,
Girlondaloose is a blog that only aspires to inspire and enrich everyone with the wisdom of self -knowledge. Once we know the depths of our own souls and the light in our hearts, then we will know who we are and that we are complete happy human beings capable of anything extraordinary. And if you don’t think you don’t have any significance in this world, keep reading girlonadaloose because you are not alone on this journey of life and we are all here to help each other

Hello, I am Asanda Madikane and I am the voice behind Girlondalooose. I am not a psychiatrist or a guru nor a saint. I do not heal people who are clinically depressed. I am probably an old soul that has come back from many life times before just to share what I know and continue to learn about the beauty of the world. I write about the simple truths, the awesomeness of beauty and light, the weird and wonderful of being humans and, Oh! The Glory of Love.

Girl on da loose is truly a collection of beautiful lessons intended to inspire noble thoughts and actions, and enable one to become useful, lovable, happy and wise.

Keep reading. I hope you enjoy your lessons.
Go with Love
Asanda Madikane