Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What a Year 2012. Hello 2013

What a wonderful year it has been. Looking back on the last post I made in September 2011. I was making the commitment to complete a year in a Master of International Business and Economics.

In the meanwhile the peaceful realization, that it was time for my husband and I (my best buddie for 6 years) to make us three in January of 2012. February we heard a heart beat. June 2012, I graduated from Business School. September launched the business concept that holds true and beyond Girl on the Loose. I created Lulu Goplay, a subscription service that enhances intimate relationships and help make women feel sexy and confident. (See what I'm getting too here. :))

And with a belly full, I did not stop.  My beautiful son was born in November and to weeks later I held true to the concept of Lulu Goplay and decided to launch it in Belgium first and the other european countries with its beta launch, airing in mid- January. "They is no rest for this lady".

So first with the apologies- I'm sorry. I have not written any inspirational quotes since the 2nd September 2011. I understand that is a very long time. I hope the inspiration on this blog had been used to your disposal whenever you may have a had any hardship, sadness, happiness, thankfulness and fun.
I have come to understand the value of Girl on the Loose and would like to keep it as pure and true it has always been and share it even further.

I'm still a girl on the loose, looking for fun, inspiration and happiness in all that I do. And with utmost care would like to bring its great philosophies to other girls and boys from around the world with LuluGoplay.

To those who don't know Girl on the Loose. Welcome and look around, read and enjoy.
Life's journey is meant to be shared.

Happy New Year to all.

Let's make 2013 Great