Thursday, October 14, 2010

SEX: The Art of love making

Yes, love making is an important topic to discuss on Girlondaloose. If I want to continue the pursuit of happiness and living my life to the fullest, then love making time is just as important. I don't want it to be technical or " follow these steps to get the most out of love making" ... NO. This is the Art of Love Making not the Activity of Sex. Understand the difference?
Just like any satisfying quickie or the passionate rush for sex these moments need to be enjoyed. Do what ever you like as long it is with a consenting adult. I am here to talk about Love...Love Making to be exact.

But above all, you need to learn how to Love Yourself and Master your imperfections.

Are you a good lover? We all like to think we’re good lovers, but in reality, most of us know there’s room for improvement. After all, how we enjoy sex depends how connected you are with the person you're having a sexual relationship (one night stands included). At the end its that twinkle in your eye, that long gentle smile that lets you know the next day that you’ve shared something special together. If you want to achieve enjoyment and fulfilment from a healthy sexual relationship speak with your partner.

The art of lovemaking is about intimacy and this comes from openness and trust. When you feel a heart-to-heart connection with your partner, your lovemaking can be pure ecstacy. So be honest and let your partner know exactly how you feel but please don't crush egos. Love making is not a test that needs to be corrected, its connection. Its a connection that allows you to fully live your sexual desires. 

Foreplay is making love. Sometimes we can be so focussed on reaching orgasm that we forget to simply enjoy the pleasure of lovemaking.We need to taste each other, touch each other, see each other, smell each other, hear each other. These are the five senses that will draw you closer to each other more, leading to an explosive climax.  

Like any other art, you need to practice the art of lovemaking. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Grab you man when he comes out the shower or wait for him naked in the lounge. Trust me he won't say no. These moments are essential to becoming your own guru of love making. Try new things, positions or costumes make your own rules then break them. Anything goes. Discover what turns him on and what rocks your world. Love making is to be enjoyed. It is not a task or a routine but another way to say "I love you...this much!"

Love making is the art of receiving and giving pleasure. Don't waste your time. If you're going to open your legs make sure its to reach an orgasm  - M.C.
Alway remember to protect yourself and wear a condom.


  1. Hell yes, and there's no room for shy!

  2. One does not need to think too much when it comes to love making. Let your instincts take over.


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