Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Food: Eat Slowly

One of the problems in our daily lives is that many of us rush through the day, with no time for anything … and when we have time to get a bite to eat, we gobble it down. Tisk...Tisk. You just missed out on a mouthful experience. A source of fuel and decadent delight a pleasure so instant you're busy swallowing you just missed the point.
Eat slowly. Chew like its your last meal and swallow like your soul depends on it. 

I know you're busy. I know your stressed but remember what I said about being motivated at work? Take a real Break!!

It’s about a lifestyle. It's about making each moment count. It is about having healthy eating habits. If you eat slowly you will remember what you ate and have enough for your stomach and won't be hungry or nibbling as often.  And whether you want to adopt that lifestyle or not, there are some reasons you should consider the simple act of eating slower:

1. You will lose Weight
If we eat fast, we can continue eating past the point where we’re full. If we eat slowly, we have time to realize we’re full, and stop on time.

2. You Will Enjoy the Experience of Food
It’s hard to enjoy your food if it goes by too quickly. In fact, I think it’s fine to eat sinful foods, if you eat a small amount slowly. Think about it: you want to eat sinful foods (desserts, fried foods, pizza, etc.) because they taste good. But if you eat them fast, what’s the point? If you eat them slowly, you can get the same amount of great taste, but with less going into your stomach. I think you are just happier by tasting great food and enjoying it fully, by eating slowly. Make your meals a gastronomic pleasure, not a thing you do rushed, between stressful events.

3. You Will Never Feel Guilty Again
... If you eat smart you will never feel guilt about what you ate ever again.

4. Less Stress
Eating slowly, and paying attention to our eating, can be a great form of mindfulness exercise. Be in the moment, rather than rushing through a meal thinking about what you need to do next. When you eat, you should eat. This kind of mindfulness will lead to a less stressful life, and happiness.

5. You will Want to Eat Healthy Food
Our hectic, fast-paced, stressful, chaotic lives — the Fast Life — leads to eating Fast Food, and eating it quickly. This is a lifestyle that is dehumanizing us, making us unhealthy, stressed out, and unhappy. We rush through our day, doing one mindless task after another, without taking the time to live life, to enjoy life, to relate to each other, to be human. Try not to eat at Fast Foods too often. Eat at a good restaurant, or better yet, cook your own food and enjoy it fully. Taste life itself.

So eat and be merry. I would like to share a can't-go- wrong Julia Child receipt that is truly tasty and delicious and can feed a big dinner group of eight with two chickens. Add that with roast potatoes and baked pumpkin with couscous- Bon Appetite!!

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