Monday, October 4, 2010

Eat Pray Love Movie Review


I enjoyed the film. It was really good and I will probably go and buy it on DVD! But it wasn't at all as thought provoking or inspiring as the book! It is funny though.. People in the cinema were constantly laughing out loud and it 's definitely one of them feel good films! However, I felt that some of the characters were under developed compared to the book and there were certain things they changed in the film which they should have just kept the way it was in the book. The film also missed out a lot of things from the book that could have made it better to understand for those who didn't read the book first. Also, Some things were notexplained properly! I think by now you can tell that I liked the book better but don't get me wrong I liked the film too.. Just not as much!

P.s. I would like to add, Eat Pray Love is not a book/film for everyone.. If you like stuff from the religion,spirituality and self-development section then you'll love it.. Otherwise I think that you simply won't get it or enjoy it as much!

Thank you so much for your review. I hope everyone goes out there and enjoys the film.


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