Friday, October 22, 2010

And don't forget to Smile

What's the point of taking a shower, putting some clothes on even more putting make up and heels if the point is not for you to smile afterwards. What's the point of all that effort if you are going to carry a grumpy face for the rest of the day. There is no point living in this world if you are not going to smile. If you have lips, teeth and a healthy personality you can smile, toothless and all.

A true smile has the power to light up anyone’s day, even your own. Everybody has something to smile about. Why not? Just smile and you will look younger. A smile is universally understood language. A smile can say thank you. A smile can say I'm sorry. A smile can say you're happy. A smile can say that you're in a good mood and you're not about to bite someone's head off. It's an extremely valuable tool. No matter where you go, or whatever the language people of that place speak, everyone in all countries and cultures understands and responds to a smile.

I can honestly say, South African's love to smile. Its a pleasure we give ourselves because we love the company of other people and the best way to say thank you is to Smile. Smile and be merry.

  • It is contagious
  • Does wonders for the soul
  • It does what words can not do

Do you remember the happiest time in your life? What was one of the most pleasurable moments you ever experienced? If you’re thinking of that special moment right now, you're smiling a real smile. Why? That memory of that pleasurable moment is bringing it on.

Now to perfect this technique, practice doing it. Walk into the break room or a group of people you associate with and just moments prior to your meeting, create a flash of that pleasurable moment in your memory. Watch as they read your body language and comment or query you. The memories can be replayed from this morning or 30 or more years ago. Learn to do that and you will learn the art of really smiling. Learn to master the skill and you will find other things that will bring it on.

This is really quite a wonderful thing when you think of it. You will start your presentation with a pleasurable thought. You will end up with a smile that will put your audience at ease. You will release endorphins that help emotional stress which will help with performance.
Smile, Breath and go Slowly

Many people who are self-conscious about their teeth sometimes don't smile, or do a closed-lipped smile that looks really forced. If you learn to like your teeth (or at least not think about them), your smile may start to look more natural.
Learn to smile with your eyes. Often, if you smile just with your mouth, people will think it is fake. A natural smile shows in your eyes as well as your mouth.

Practice in a mirror. This sounds silly, and often while you are doing it, you will begin to laugh, which will help you see what your natural smile looks and feels like.Say an "eee" sound. Your mouth naturally forms a smile while making this sound.

And laugh at yourself. Life is not that intense and boring that you constantly keep a stiff upper lip. You will happy and less stressed about the little things in life if you just, Smile, breath and go slowly. Start enjoying with positive facial expressions that will result in positive emotions. It can only benefit you. It will benefit your health, your wealth, and because of its viral effect, even those around you. And don't forget to smile.


  1. You always inspire us!
    check out this viedo! It is about smiling and laughing! It's very insteresting!

  2. The power of JOY- Great video everyone should watch


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