Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inner Peace

Stress, hate, love, no love, want love, want money, want more. It never ends. The constant questioning and the constant searching for that "something" inside of us has heavily being sitting in our hearts since we where children. It is like the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that we are forever searching, ever wondering where and what it could be. Questions...but never any immediate answers. Sometimes we have to switch off the voices in our heads that doubt, that hate, that fear, that question all things and fights all possibilities for change. If you life is full of stress, problems, and pain, your mind has been running the show for far too long.
By stopping the mind, you master it and essentially master your life! Even when the mind is 50% mastered, you'll see you have more clarity, freedom and inner peace in your life. You'll discover that every experience is trying to teach you something. That the ultimate lesson is how to be supremely happy, joyful, loving and free!  

Often the lesson that we first need to learn, is to find inner peace. How to stay calm and clear and be present with "right now". Where we stop fighting life and start learning our lessons! The greatest lesson that we are INCREDIBLE  human beings that contain the greatest source of love, joy, and peace.

I am no master of meditation but I find it necessary to take the time to reflect on me. To be quiet inside myself so that I can have the patience and time to listen to my inner self. The part of me that knows better. It know that all my questions are not important and what is important is stop the battle of who I want to be and who I really am. That is my true ultimate quest and it seems to continue to reflect itself back at me; Girlondaloose, moving countries, making movies, questions-answers ect ect. You may be on a differnent journey of your own. Learning and developing something new inside yourself but what I am certain of is that; we all looking for Love, Peace and Happiness.  

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1. Be still
Take the opportunity to be still or at least do something positive. The problem is the mind feels insecure unless it has something to occupy it. However, when we really can attain a clear mind we discover it creates a genuine sense of happiness and inner peace.

Control your thoughts
It is our thoughts that determine our state of mind. If we constantly cherish negative and destructive thoughts, inner peace will always remain a far cry. At all costs, we need to avoid pursuing trains of negative thoughts. This requires practise. – We cannot attain mastery of our thoughts over night. But, at the same time we always have to remember that we are able to decide which thoughts to follow and which to reject. Never feel you are a helpless victim to your thoughts.

“If you have inner peace,nobody can force you to be a slave to the outer reality.”- Sri Chinmoy
3. Simplify your life 
Modern life, places great demands on our time. We can feel that we never have enough time to fulfill all our tasks. However, we should seek to minimise these outer demands. Take time to simplify your life; there are many things that we can do without, quite often we add unnecessary responsibilities to our schedule. Do the most significant tasks, one at a time, and enjoy doing them. To experience inner peace, it is essential to avoid cluttering our life with unnecessary activities and worries.

. Spend time to cultivate inner peace Every day we spend more than 8 hours a day to earn money, can we not find time to spend 15 minutes to cultivate inner peace? No matter how much money we earn, it cannot bring us inner peace, but, if we spend 15 minutes on meditation and relaxation techniques inner peace can become a possibility. Meditation does not just mean sitting still for 30 minutes; in meditation we seek to experience a state of consciousness which is flooded with inner peace. To experience this inner peace we cannot allow any thought to enter into our mind. True inner peace occurs when we can transcend the world of thoughts.

“You cannot buy peace; you must know how to manufacture it within, in the stillness of your daily practises in meditation.”- Paramahansa Yogananda

5. Be immune to Flattery and CriticismIf we depend on the opinions and praise of other people, we can never have inner peace. Criticism and flattery are two sides of the same coin. They are both the judgements of others. However, we should not allow ourselves to be affected by either. When we do, we feed the ego. We should learn to have confidence in ourselves. This does not mean we will love ourselves in an egotistical way, it means we value our real self and have belief in the good qualities that are part of everyone.

Be Active selflessly
Inner peace does not mean that we have to live a life of a hermit. Inner peace, can be felt amidst dynamic activity. But, this action should be done with selfless motives. When we serve others we forget our sense of self, and it is when we forget our limited self that we can have inner peace.

Avoid Criticising Others
If we want inner peace, we should feel that our inner peace depends on the well being of others. If we are indifferent to the feelings of others, then it is impossible to have inner peace for ourselves. What we give out comes back. If you offer a peaceful attitude to others this is what we will see return.

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  1. This blog is amazing! I'm from spain and my english is not good and i don´t understand all that you say but i think that this blog is full of inspiration!!

  2. Emedé Thank you so much. There is a translator on the right hand side from English to Spanish. Happy reading xx


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