Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Je parle Francais.

First thing you do when you get to a foreign country that speaks a foreign language, is learn the foreign language before you get here. I had had French lessons before but it did not prepare me for ordering at a restaurant that was serving Belgian delicacies. I was being adventurous. There is nothing worse than starving to death and looking at the menu and having no idea what it means. I have killer instincts when I'm hungry. I say killer instincts because I mean I will kill- to- eat- anything- right- now mood swings. I turn into those scary Gremlins if I don't eat. Short people need to eat. We're feisty. Yes, great something I understand L'americain prĂ©pare. Food prepared in an American way. Fantastic, I have travelled mile across countries and sea to Europe, Brussels to have food prepared in a Belgian American way. That's not what it really means its just called L'americain prĂ©pare. 

The raw fresh beef minced to an oblivion, seasoned with salt and pepper fresh herbs, worcester sauce and onions, top off with a raw egg you mix yourself and gherkins to garnish served with those great Belgian potatoe chips (we will get to that)... Delicious.


  1. That's hilarious. Manje do you eat this mince and raw egg as is? No fire nada? Eish never!

  2. Ha Ha, I can sympathise so much. Menus in Spanish are still quite daunting, buta girl has to eat!!!


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