Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three Keys Theory

FEARLESS        LOVE              LIFE
I have a Three Key Theory to living a Fulfilled Life
Key 1: The key to release the fears you have inside of you.
Key 2: The key to open your heart to love and be loved
Key 3: The Key to own your own life

Key 1: Is amazing. It can open all hidden and disguised portals of Fear

Key 2: Can forgive, love and receive love and is the most powerful key of them all as it can heal broken souls

Key 3: Is the most difficult key to find, as it can not work with out Key 1 and Key 2: It can come in many forms such a spiritual enlightenment, hope, inner peace, love and many more. Its a key we are all looking for: To be. Just to alright to be you.

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