Monday, September 13, 2010

The Beginning

It is always polite to say hello and mean it with a smile. There is nothing more important to me than respect for another person. So hello and I surely pray that you are ok.  Cause if you are good. Everybody is good and then there is no need to fight or fuss about anything. I like it like that. 

So here I am I have once again joined the millions in blogging hoping I can share something with masses and maybe help me learn about my new adventures that will unfold.

I have left South African to come to Brussels in search the more-ness of me. I am a film, commercial, television and broadcast director and producer. Currently unemployed in a foreign country with all the love I need. I made the choice to be here. I made the choice to be me. I am here to learn and teach with all the women and men in world to be loosened; To let go of the fears and expectations and just be yourself.  Especially dedicated to women to join me on this journey.

As the great Luke 13:12 writes, "Women thou art loosed" I hope through my own demonstrations, trials, success and failure. May I open the opportunity for you to free yourself. To allow yourself to be the fullness of you. 

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