Tuesday, September 28, 2010


J'adore my new pairs of heels.
Fetish. Nothing like a good healthy fetish that gets your heart racing and your mouth stretching with glee, cheek to cheek with blissful happiness.
Karen Millen Extravagant frill satin

Shoes. J'adore. You are never too fat, too thin, too bloated (maybe swollen) to wear a good pair of shoes. Their are like your royal servant only there to make you look good and make you feel like a princess. Nothing like a great pair of designer heels; I say designer heels because you can wear a 9 inch heel in designed pair and feel like you're walking on cloud 9. Sex oozes out of you and confidence... sublime. That's how a great pair of shoes makes me feel. My latest pair of shoes are so special to me that I could pour tea in them and sip, ever so slowly. : )

           What's your fetish?


  1. My 3 biggest weeknesses are stationary, books and dvd's. infact i cannot help myself. there is nothing like having new stationary! and i con't come away from a book or dvd sale empty handed that would be like dividing by 0. the world would collapse in on itself

  2. Anime.. dvds and dvds of anime. I love it to bits. The story lines, the morals, the graphics, all of it... YUM!


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