Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Car- Free Day!

I love to run... but not too long. Twenty minutes is enough for me. I love to run in the forest near my place. I love the feeling of my lungs burning in the fresh morning air. I love running alone. It is my time to clear my head and start the day. This Sunday was NO- CAR DAY. All the people of Brussels prepare themselves to be relieved from their vehicles and enjoy public transport such as trams, buses and taxis. Some of us take full advantage of the day, to be kings of all the main roads. I am talking about cycling for 45 minutes to the city from my residential establishment all the way to city centre. Just for the pleasure of being outside and not be hassled by blood thirsty drivers who want to run you over for bonus points.

Groups of friends and family filled the street. Fully anticipating the joys of sharing laughs, food and drinks at theirs destination. It was amazing! My partner, who neither runs or cycles or even thinks about exercise was a keen trooper as he prepare himself for a week, for this special day. Surfing the internet for the best foldable bike with high performance and light weight alloy. I had to endure long night time discussions about which bike he would choose along with all the impossible jargons about a bike he fell in love with. At the end it was worth it. Cycling back at 19:30 in the evening, tired, broken and content. I felt great. I felt like a million dollars. I surely felt that I had gained some extra years of my life. Living healthier than I would ever imagine in Belgium compared to South Africa, definitely cycling my way to better health.
This is my bike when you fold it.
This is his high performance bike, unfolded.

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