Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to be Successful in Life

Smell the ambition,motivation and success in the air. Johannesburg is a city built on dreams. Built on ideas that where not scared to take the first step. Everything in this city gives you the opportunity to be yourself and live the life you want. There is definitely a word for Johannesburg, South Africa its called Passion. People need it, people look for it cause when you are hungry success is sure to follow. 

I build my profession in Johannesburg. Working like a slave for TV productions and Commercial companies and loved it. I am Tv/Film Director because of this city. If you are not ambitious and living in Johannesburg, you are wasting your time. I have been gone for almost a year but you never lose that ballzy- guts and confidence that comes with Joburg.

The famous Jozi Skyline.

Expect Success
The first thing you need to do is change your mindset to that of a successful person. This means that you should begin to expect to achieve things in your life. You deserve success, and you need to remind yourself of this fact every day. Not only do you deserve it, but you are, in fact, entitled to it, and it is coming your way--it is only a matter of time! If you convince yourself of this, it will be nearly impossible for you to fail.
Now, make a list of the things you want. Do you want to make more money, or change your career? Do you want to get married? Whatever your goals, write them down and then read what you have written. Then tell yourself that you can have these things, and most importantly, that you will.

Success will not lower its standard to us. We must raise our standard to success. - Rev. Randall R. McBride, Jr.

Once you are confident in your ability to be successful, start acting to initiate the changes in your life that you want to see. If you want a better job, start looking every day, or enroll in classes that will help you get it. If you want love, throw yourself headlong into the dating scene. Immerse yourself in the things that will help you achieve success. Remember, time passes quickly, and if you do not take action now to pursue your goals, you may lose the chance to live up to your dreams.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. – Henry Ford

Have Determination
Do not be discouraged if things don’t immediately go your way. Though it may seem like people achieve success overnight, the truth is that most successful people have worked very hard to get where they are. Have patience, and do not lose your drive. With confidence and determination, you will become successful.
Success is a journey, not a destination. – Ralph Arbitelle

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