Monday, November 8, 2010

6 Ways to Be Productive at Work

You spend 8 plus hours a day at your desk juggling phone calls, emails and correspondences. Yet the stack of paper on your cluttered desk keeps growing taller, you eat more meals at the office than you do at home and you are still barely meeting your deadlines. Find ways to avoid time traps and to improve existing processes to be not only more productive at work, but much less stressed.

Don't let a long and tiresome day slow you down and keep you unmotivated. You have a goal to achieve that will benefit you in the long run. 6 Ways to Saty Motivated at Work An effective goal-setting routine is a great way to keep yourself in a good attitude about finishing things. Set little goals for yourself throughout your working routine, as well as bigger goals to work toward. This will make staying productive fun, easy, and even more productive.

1. Relax
Don’t get stressed out about your work. Handle the situation maturely and positively by staying calm while getting things done. Your life is important, so don’t waste your time and enjoyment worrying about the little things. Don't sweat the small stuff.

2. Stay Focused
Stay away from the gremlins called Time-wasters. Common culprits are instant messaging, web surfing, personal phone calls and chitchat with co-workers. The minutes spent on these distractions can become hours of lost time and lost productivity. Set limits on these activities and find ways to politely end conversations.
3. Prioritize your Tasks
* What I must do now
* What I must do later
* How much time will each of these tasks take?

It’s important through this routine to stay happy and not become a workaholic, because that defeats the purpose of personal growth through productivity. Be sure to priortize your work and give yourself some downtime. However, don’t put down an important task while you’re still in the middle of it. Finish, and then relax.

4. Stay Organized
Organization and productivity go hand in hand. If you are constantly searching for items on your cluttered desk. It is time to make some room on your desk.
  • remove all supplies and gadgets that you don't use every day
  • toss out ancient history on your bulletin board
  • clean out old Post-its on your computer
  • uncover your horizontal surfaces
  • clear off credenzas, tables, the tops of bookshelves
If you’re the type of person that keeps a clean desk and living area, then chances are you’re the type of person that gets things done efficiently and effectively.

5. To Do List
Make your own working schedule. We are all different and we work differently too. Making your own work schedule will give you the power over situations and keep you on track. This is a good way to ensure that you always have something to do and don't waste any time looking for your next task. Write all your upcoming tasks on this list. At the end of the day, prepare a to-do list for the following day so that you can start working as soon as you get to the office. Keep the list handy and be sure to cross off tasks that you've finished; you'll find satisfaction in knowing that something is completed.

6. Stay Healthy and Enjoy What You are Doing
No one can be productive if they’re sick or feeling crumby, right? Keep your body healthy by keeping a good diet and healthy living. Healthy habits can not be accomplished with out a healthy attitude.  So think Positive. Recognize your weakness and strengths at work and use your best attributes to be successful and unbeatable. And for goodness sake enjoy what you do. There is no point putting in all this effort in something you despise. Love what you do and be happy. That's the point of life.

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