Monday, January 10, 2011

The Importance of Having a Dream

Life is dull and boring without a dream. We are goal striving beings and we are at our happiest when we are motivated by a dream.When we have a burning desire and we decide to go after it we get excited. The pursuit of our dream rivals the actual accomplishment. It is the expectation of accomplishment that actually drives us.

A dream causes us to set goals. It causes us to make plans. After we have set our goals it is our dream that motivates us to follow the plan until we hit our goals consistently enough to obtain our dream.When times get hard during our journey we need only focus on our dream to garner enough strength to persist and drive on. It is the dream that compels us to pay the price to get what we want.

Our dream attracts like minded individuals into our lives. These associates provide support and further inspiration. It becomes a mutually beneficial partnership. When two or more people link up with the common interest of growth and improvement then a mastermind group is formed. As group they achieve markedly better results than any of one of them could have alone.

A dream drives away boredom and worry. A dream causes you to set goals. This leads to planning. Once you have a plan you then you understand which work habits need to be developed in order to hit your goals. After you set about doing that work you become consumed by it. At that point execution of your plan leaves no room for worry and boredom.

I have made a convenant with myself this year to really change my life. I was not born in a family with a silver spoon and their generation before my parants where also born out of a simple working class. A family history that was not build on any foundations that would give its families a "wealth" legacy. I chose to change that DNA around and build a life that has a generation fulfillment but most important- Mindset and Personal  fulfillment when it comes to money and sucess.  I have dedicated myself this year to build myself a lucrative Online Home Business. 

It is scary and daunting to write it online for the world to see but it is a testiment to myself. That I will  not fail myself and will do what ever it takes to reach that goal. And with the guidance of friends and community of Girlondaloose.  I have taken the first step that only 3% only dare to try.  That is take the opportunity to change my mindset and habits to change my life around.

What is dream this Year? Do you dare to share it with the world? 

I look forward to hearing from you. You can leave your comments below. 

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