Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Relationships 101

Here we are again another year has turned another Birthday has occurred and whether you are standing on the Brown side of the Grass- Valentine's Day is back to haunt you.

It's not Valentine's day I'm worried about. It's the Whole year round phenomenon- The lack of Love. I am tired of every year having to see close friends and family depressed day in and day out because they can't get a good relationship with one human being and especially the fact that they can't keep one long enough to call it a relationship.
So I have made my Duty this Year to keep this page running to help everyone out there GET and HAVE a better Relationship. Yes, You read right- I'm talking about Love, Sex and Relationships.

LET'S MAKE 2011 the YEAR of LOVE

I will be digging in and digging deep, reading and researching, scouting and finding the BEST EXPERT ADVICE on getting hitched, being hitched and sorting out troubled romance. I'm getting married to the man of my life. So I'm doing this for me to have a fulling and long relationship with him and I'm doing for everyone else; To understand what it means to have someone who loves you completely. 

I want all women to know How to be The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave
I want everyone to be happy and reconcile with The Magic of Making Up
and the Art of Making Love 500 Love Making Tip 

And so many many more.
So keep posted and keep your friends posted (because you know I'm talking about the friend who just can't get it together when it comes to relationships)

  • Content will be written by Professionals Relationship Councils, Doctor, Physicians and Expertise.
  • Testimonial of People who have used the advice and have had their Worlds turned around
  • Light bulbs will switch on in your head
  • You will have a better understanding of the opposite sex
  • You will have a better understanding of yourself
  • Make changes in your life for the better 
  • And have Happier more Fulfilling Relationship
  • And still receive Girlondloose Wisdom and tender Loving Care

I won't give you content that I would not highly recommend. Remember you have the choice to change your own life and be in charge of your own destiny. I'm just here to keep you inform.

Let's make this a great year. A Year for Love.
Love Asanda

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